Golding Pearl 1910

Feb. 07, 2007

Just starting the site, above is two of the presses one  from 1890's and the smaller one from  1910 era.  Still collecting pictures and information to add.

March 10, 2008



July 10, 2009





Dec. 7, 2009


Jan 24,2010



Mar 22, 2010


June 2010



Dec 2013



Aug.  2015

Added some pictures one of myself at the radio station and some of one of the books that were printed on the two presses above.    Soon I will add the pictures of the hot type and of the type in the press and try and show how it was produced.


Added picture of windmill, I am going to try and arrange the pics in a more even format.   Take a look at  www.militairesalumni.com  and also www.mackenzieprintery.org  These sites are for some of my interests.


 Still under great construction will add more pics soon

Added picture of Linotype

Still a lot of work to do on this site, but added a couple of more pictures  


Added the page called the Press.



Added the Shop Changed page


June saw the Westman and Baker leave and a Heidelberg Windmill Platen replaced it, this will be easier on the back and no braces needed to work.


The work on the presses has gone well over the last year or so, many items for the museum and other groups to the enjoyment of the prop.

Have to find some time to get this up to speed again. Try first of the year

Another few years have flown by and the work in the printshop has continued,mainly to do items for the Museum and a few for family.  Some how the time seems to roll on by and not everything is getting done when you want but progress is happening, so I guess that is a good thing.  

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