Triple J Press & VE3JWH

Triple J Press is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. The work of the press is at the direction of the proprietor rather than by the chain of commercial demands.

Broadsheets, reprints of works of selected authors and what ever else is the whim of the proprieter of the press.

The press has done a number of sections of Washinton Irvings Sketch Book.  Each section is set in type then printed and finally bound in a book usually hard cover but could be soft as well in a small format about 4" x 6" or there abouts.

The equipment used to complete the tasks:  Platen press is a Westman & Baker 10" x 15" from about 1890 (traded for a 10 x 15 windmill) or a Golding Pearl model 11 from 1910. The type is handset or cast using a model 31 Linotype (donated to the Printers Hall, Mt. Pleasant Iowa, I now use a Model 5 at the Printery in Queenson) or a model L Ludlow Typecaster.

 Two Hobbies 
A Private Press

A Place where commercial demands do not dictate the work of the press.


Amateur Radio

A second interest is Amateur Radio and the two interests can complement each other at times

  Amateur Radio

A second interest is Amateur Radio.  I enjoy working in most modes and in all the bands from HF up to UHF.

The equipment has spaned a large time frame from Collins KWM2, Heathkit HW series up to TenTec Pegasus a computer controlled radio with no knobs. The latest unit to enter the fold is a Ten Tec Eagle.


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